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Welcome to the New and Improved KEEZ Newsletter! We recap the last week of LUKSO and KEEZ related events. Stay tuned to @PinkPillProductions on Youtube for more information!


Sage & Rob

12/11/20235 min read

Welcome to the revamped LUKSO newsletter! We're on a mission to enhance your reading experience, and your input is crucial. Join the discussion on our Discord channel and share your recommendations with us.

Highlights from the LUKSO Ecosystem

🌐 LUKSO x BoysClub Event in Miami

A night to remember in Miami! LUKSO joined forces with BoysClub for an extraordinary event. The launch of their latest physical Zine (Second Edition) combined with a digital minting process on LUKSO marked a creative milestone. Users effortlessly minted NFTs and created their Universal Profiles with no extra fees. The future of creative collaboration is here!

πŸŽ™οΈ LUKSOfam Episode: Common Ground Launch

This week's LUKSOfam episode, featuring yellowturtle47 and B33Fbanks, unravels the upcoming LUKSO ecosystem launch on Common Ground. Get ready for a deep dive into how to join, featured projects, and its impact on the broader LUKSO ecosystem. You can catch all the excitement here.

πŸ“œ LEEQUID's Future Roadmap

Turning our attention to LEEQUID, they've unveiled an exciting roadmap. The focus? Transitioning towards a DAO for decentralized governance, onboarding node operators, and reopening staking to the LUKSO community. For real-time updates, follow them on Twitter.

Insights from LUKSO Team Members

πŸ” Exploring Gasless DApps with Callum Grindle

Software engineer Callum Grindle showcased his expertise at ETH Warsaw, presenting on building gasless dApps. Dive into his presentation here to unravel the world of transaction relayers.

🎀 Navigating LUKSO with Hugo Masclet

Tech Lead Hugo Masclet took the stage at ETH Warsaw, providing insights into the inner workings of LUKSO. Learn about standards, account abstraction, and more by watching his presentation here.

🧭 Insights from Louie O'Connor: Navigating the Crypto Landscape, Unveiling UPs as the Solution

Louie painted a vivid picture of the crypto landscape at NBX, introducing UPs as the solution. Keep an eye on the KEEZ Twitter for the recording once it's available.

πŸš€ New Boilerplate Framework Unveiled

LUKSO's Felix Hildebrandt has introduced a new boilerplate framework. It allows developers to quickly start their journey by using integrated components, utilities, and libraries based on the latest technology. This ensures a smooth onboarding experience for developers building on LUKSO's Universal Profiles.

πŸ“° MaisonLYX White Paper: Reassurances from Marjorie!

MaisonLYX has been a hot topic this week, though not necessarily for positive reasons. Nevertheless, Marjorie is here to ease your concerns. She assures everyone that the physical white papers are indeed on their way and that there were simply some printing delays. There's no need to worry.

New Common Ground Communities

🎨 Pink Pilled Artists by Scorpioblxck

Scorpioblxck has been eager to connect with fellow LUKSO artists within a community, but none existed. Taking matters into their own hands, they've created one. If you're an artist seeking to utilize the LUKSO blockchain, join here to meet up with numerous other like-minded artists and prepare for the emerging creative economy.

πŸ”¬ D[lab], a Research Community by Squigs

Squigs presents D[lab], a community focused on researching DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi, NFTs, Airdrops/Farming, and more.

🌐 Universal Page's New Common Ground

Our friends at Universal Page have also created a new Common Ground for their community. Don't miss out on this page.

There are already many other LUKSO communities on Common Ground, including KEEZ, Metaheads, and UPturn. After this week, there will also be a LUKSO ecosystem page on Common Ground, making it easy for you to explore every LUKSO community using this new communication platform.

Recommended Readings

Luksta, a project that serves as the foundational hub for all decentralized applications on LUKSO, including gaming, social platforms, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It marks the beginning of your project's journey. They recently released an article about LSP 17, which they claim is the secret ingredient for helping builders create safer and faster dApps on LUKSO. Check out the Medium article here!

πŸ“° Lukso’s secret juice. LSP17.

πŸ“– Unlocking the Future of Digital Identity: Exploring the Power of the LSP0-ERC725 Account

We have a piece from Ethalorian about unlocking the future of digital identity using LSP0-ERC725 Account. This is an awesome article from Eth that helps illustrate the power of a Universal Profile. You can read it here, on the KEEZ Common Ground feed.

🌐 The Future is Present

Our last reading recommendation comes from LUKSO Co-Founder Marjorie Hernandez. This beautiful piece explores the evolution of communication mediums and cultural practices, highlighting the convergence of realities in the digital era. It discusses the immersive nature of evolving technologies and the changing dynamics of identity expression through virtual environments. Lastly, it reflects on the collapse of time and space in the digital age, emphasizing the dissolution of traditional barriers and the need for continual adaptation in leadership. Overall, it envisions a multidimensional reality shaped by technology and digital experiences. You can find it on It's a fantastic read!

Upcoming News and Events

πŸš€ Tuesday, December 12: LUKSO Ecosystem Launch on Common Ground

Join us for the multi-day event celebrating the launch of the LUKSO ecosystem on Common Ground. Explore speaker sessions, Common Ground pages, and exciting insights. Don't forget to RSVP. Check out their post on X for details.

πŸ† Thursday, December 14: BuildUP#2 Hackathon Winners Announcement

On Thursday, discover the winners of BuildUP#2 in Common Ground. Ensure your Universal Profile is ready for this exciting announcement!

🎧 LUKSOfam Pod and Wrap UP

Don't miss the latest episode of the LUKSOfam Pod on Tuesday and the Wrap UP on Friday at 1 PM EST.

Quote of the Week

β€œThe future is around us and is truly what we make it. It has never been more clear that leaders need to be prepared to continually adapt to the hints of past, present and future that surround us and we must be open to rewiring our mindsets.”

-Marjorie Hernandez

From here new piece: The Future is Present

Call to Action

If you haven't joined Common Ground (CG) yet, what are you waiting for? Eventually, it will be nearly impossible to be a part of the LUKSO community without being on CG, so you might as well start today!

Need help getting set up? Explore this guide by Rob G on adding Common Ground to mobile.