LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 3/3/2024-3/10/2024



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You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 2/11/2024 - 2/18/2024.

Here's what happened in LUKSO this week.

An update from LEEQUID. The team is providing as much information as they can without compromising negotiations. They state that currently, some of the relevant parties involved in the discussion for a solution were attending ETHDenver (not the LEEQUID team), which in turn caused a delay in our negotiations towards making users whole. Again, as more information can be released they will put out more updates. For a full synopsis of the current situation, read their announcement in their Telegram or watch the most recent Wrap UP.

Finally, some more progress from Maison-LYX. If you own any of the assets from The LUKSO Whitepaper Collection, you can now claim the digital counterpart on your Universal Profile.

LUKSO finally reimbursed users for any accidental transactions that were sent to the LYXe token contract. If you encountered this problem you can double check if you received them in the post above.

Bianca, LUKSO’s Dev Rel, showcases here how LSP 3, ProfileMetadata, enables viewing of UP interactions directly in the block explorer! Plus, the username search makes profile discovery much easier. A simple improvement to block explorers that makes such a difference.

REMINDER FOR ALL LUKSO VALIDATORS!! With the upcoming Dencun hard fork you have some required maintenance to make for your machines. The tweet above quote Felix’s thread about how to make the changes.

Fabian, LUKSO Co-Founder and ERC-20 author, reciprocates the feelings of Ekana from the latest Wrap UP. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, get on it.

Luksta is waking up. With it comes Fund UP. Luksta allows projects to raise money, investors can participate in the auctions to invest in projects. Complimentary, Fund UP enables Public Goods or other projects that would prefer crowdfunding over private funding rounds to also raise. KEEZ is working very closely with the team.

The people know… Here we have Evin McMullen, a renowned builder in the Identity realm of blockchain, being super bullish about LUKSO. The people know.

The ETH Denver Event FrostByte was an absolute smash.

Lastly, we have a new ecosystem board courtesy of Davelez. Its even interactive.

The week UPcoming:

LUKSOs event with refraction at SXSW is this week. Should be an absolute blast.

Also this week at SXSW, Marj is speaking at the Boys Club Conference BrandNew.

As always, we have Lightning Talks 3/12 at 9 AM EST and The Wrap UP this Friday at 1 PM EST.

Readings for the Week:

This post from Refraction titled Understanding identity and ownership is crucial in the New Creative Economies is worth the time.

This post by cryptometal on Common Ground titled Decentralized reputation in web3 powered by LUKSO: LUKSO Social Reputation Proposal.

Quote of the Week:

You are on the cutting edge and this place, here, right now, will only move as fast as we, the people, make it happen." - Ekana on The Wrap UP! Friday, March 7, 2024.

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