LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 2/25/2024-3/3/2024



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You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 2/11/2024 - 2/18/2024.

Here's what happened in LUKSO this week.

Let’s start off with all the news:

Fabian delivered a talk titled “From Idea to Reality: Transforming User Experience in Web3.” It’s about 20 minutes long and has plenty of great selling points for LUKSO.

Jean Cavallera, the Smart Contract Lead at LUKSO, also spoke at the conference. His talk was titled “Solidity Workshop: Building the Next Generation of Tokens & NFTs on LUKSO.” Jean explained to the audience how a strategic use of LSPs can result in a new generation of tokens.

Lastly, for the LUKSO team, DevRel Bianca Buzea spoke alongside some influential names about the role that a DevRel plays in accelerating growth and innovation in blockchain. I am currently still looking for the recording, when I find it I will update it here.

As well as his talk, Jean was also stationed at the LUKSO booth where he spent time discussing code with fellow conference goers. Im sure this was extremely helpful to all hackathoners that took advantage of the opportunity to chat him up.

Fawn was also on the scene. Here is a snippet with Chill Whale founder Presto.

Lastly Fabian, Hugo, Clara, and Jonathan sat down with some of the team from Rarible over dinner. This has been months in the work at least. Interestingly enough, a member of the Matel team is speaking at the BoysClub, BrandNew, event at SXSW, where Marjorie is also speaking. Matel is one of the bigger players Rarible has on its platform.

In other news:

Ledfut and his UpTurn project released another mint pass, this time in collaboration with The District VR.

Universal GRAVE is now available in Beta on Mainnet! This is a project from the last hacakthon and the team has been hard at work since. The current release is meant to do one very well: keep your UP account clean of all incoming undesired assets by rerouting them to the GRAVE.

It seems as though Jake and Vlad never stop improving the tech at Universal Page. Now UPage is tracking every active profile realtime. Great stuff.

The week UPcoming:

On March 6th Join the LUKSO team as they dive into the current state and future of identity and ownership in the New Creative Economies with Refraction.

Lightning Talks are Back! This Tuesday, 3/5 at 11AM EST in the KEEZ Common Ground. We are still looking for some more speakers, so don’t be shy.

Here is the LUMA link so you can add it to your calendar:

Lastly, this Friday the Wrap UP is also back. Make sure to subscribe to the Pink Pill Productions YouTube so you don't miss it.

UPcoming events:

If you're gonna be in Austin next week here are two events you cant miss:

BoysClub’s “BrandNew” event is absolutely stacked with speakers, one being LUKSO’s very own Marjorie Hernandez.

Refraction and LUKSO are presenting an evening full of immersive art and entertainment that you won't want to miss. Make sure to RSVP.

Note from Sage at KEEZ:

After a long two weeks off, the team at KEEZ is coming back reinvigorated. We are re-evaluating our content messaging, landing new sponsors, expanding our physical presence, and working to extend a new arm off of KEEZ. Follow along for more info.

Quote of the Week:

"its always darkest before the dawn" - Thomas Fuller

Call to Action:

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