LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 2/18/2024-2/25/2024.



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You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 2/11/2024 - 2/18/2024.

Here's what happened in LUKSO this week.

DMAT has finally started its long-awaited LUKSO mainnet migration. This is a significant milestone for the LUKSO ecosystem, as DMAT is the longest-standing LUKSO project there is. Follow their FAQs and guides to properly migrate your assets from the L14 testnet to LUKSO mainnet.

Envio’s HyperIndex now supports developers building on LUKSO with the fastest data indexing performance and efficiency. Another integration that makes building on LUKSO even easier.

In more integration news, NOWNodes has begun offering their Node API for LUKSO Mainnet and Testnet endpoints.

The Tech Lead at LUKSO, Hugo Masclet, joined the Nerif network team in an X spaces to talk about how we can make Web 3 suck just a bit less. Re-listen to the spaces above.

MaisonLYX is making moves. If you own any of their LUKSO Hoodies, LUKSO Caps, or LUKSO T-Shirts, you will be emailed a code on Feb 29th to activate your phygital on LUKSO mainnet.

UniversalSwaps is officially live on LUKSO mainnet. Their Github Repos will be public soon as well as their audit. As always, make sure to DYOR for any project you’re connecting your wallet to. If you're feeling comfortable, you can start trading LSP7 tokens today.

LSPs are incredibly flexible, as are the possibilities to retrieve token metadata- especially for individual IDs.

Felix from LUKSO prepared this diagram to help ETH Denver participants use LUKSO standards during the BUIDLathon. Happy building.

The talent lead at LUKSO, Louie, tweets about some of their new openings on the LUKSO team. If you can see yourself making a difference in one of these roles, do not hesitate to reach out.

In this post, Vlad from Universal Page brings up how he thinks LUKSO needs more incentivized development. Meaning, there must be obvious incentives to invest time. A very valid point that I think will be acted upon more and more as the blockchain ages.

Great to see Vlad putting his money where his mouth is. The team at Universal Page posted these bounties on Immunefi to help sort out any issues with their dApp in a more open and permissionless way. Love to see this.

As for LEEQUID, this post from their X account highlighting a post made by their CEO Carlos Caldas gives the most accurate update on the situation; they are continuing to provide details as they are available and will push them out through their various channels.

The week UPcoming:

The LUKSO team is hosting the second round of their livestream series in Common Ground, Exploring LUKSO: Community Call, on Tuesday 27th Feb at 7pm CET. They will be speaking with two NFT projects, Chillwhales and SleepyNFT, about their experiences building on LUKSO.

The BUIDLathon at ETH Denver is now live. If you're participating, make sure to check out this survival guide put out by the team.

Tomorrow, Jean Cavallera will be giving a workshop at ETH Denver about building the next generation of tokens & NFTs on LUKSO.

UPcoming events:

August 1-4 is FWB Fest and LUKSO will be there. If you're interested in going, sign up in the tweet above.

The 2024 Oxford Blockchain Conference is March 12th - 13th and LUKSO will be hosting a sponsor room. Dive into the world of blockchain by learning and networking with experts! oh, and grab the best swag.

LUKSO Co-Founder Marjorie Hernandez will be speaking at the Boys Club event at SXSW on March 12th.

Lightning talk Ep. 6 will be this week. Not sure on date and time yet. Follow our X to stay updated.

Quote of the Week:

"I'll be back" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Call to Action:

Help the teams in the ecosystem trouble shoot and test. Universal Swaps has open testing opportunities and Universal Page has bounties open.