LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 1/27/2024-2/4/2024.



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You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 1/27/2024 - 2/4/2024.

Here's what happened in LUKSO this week.

LEEQUID is back! After a few months of downtime, they onboarded Stakelab as a node operator and started accepting new stakers. This also comes with some updated features (see image below). Keep in mind, the current activation queue is up over 2 weeks, so if you stake today plan to wait before you can start claiming rewards.

Defolio Beta is live. If you own Heisenburgir’s Fancy Panther NFT, you can get access and test it. IMO this is currently the most unique use of LSPs we have seen in a dApp so far. View, transfer, and manage assets & keymanagers seamlessly. Very exciting.

The master herself, LUKSO Co-Founder Marjorie Hernandez, just released her masterclass onThe New Creative Economy: Web3, Digital Fashion and Blockchain.

Videos from Meetup #2 in Istanbul are finally starting to roll out. More are sure to follow. First, we have Stephen from LUKSO guiding us through the core concepts and advantages of Universal Profiles.

Last week, Fawn, the newly appointed Head of Community at LUKSO along with Yamen and Louie, led a Common Ground discussion around the basics of the LUKSO ecosystem. They were also joined by Jake and Vlad of Upage. This was a live event but was surely recorded. If not by the LUKSO team it was by KEEZ ;) I assume there will be many more calls like this moving forward now that Fawn is getting comfortable in her role.

Thanks to the hard work of the LUKSO team, we can now easily verify and set up 2FA recovery for our UPs!! This is huge news. Make sure to head over to and check if your UP is secured. If it’s not… DO IT.

The recording for Lightning Talk #3 is up on our Youtube. These lightning talks are comprised of 5 minute presentations from LUKSO community members about whatever topic they like. This week had a little bit of everything. This coming week we have Carlos Caldas from LEEQUID and Marcus from Mustaa coming on to chat.

One thing came out of the last Lightning Talk. There is now a chat in the KEEZ Common Ground dedicated to reputation systems. If you have any interest in this conversation, head on over there.

Upcoming Events:

LUKSO is a sponsor at ETH Denver this year! They will almost certainly have a booth at the event as well as a side event. One that is confirmed is the LUKSO x Boysclub event. I've been to two of these already, and they are always a blast. Link below.

Weekly Readings:

Just one weekly reading for this week. Cointelegraph put out this article about LEEQUID. Check it out to familiarize yourself more with LEEQUIDs products and liquid staking on LUKSO.

The week UPcoming:

First and foremost, Beefbanks will release his short video Medium Rare tomorrow, a weekly video designed to give updates on what’s coming up for KEEZ. It also covers what LUKSO mints to look out for in the coming week. Stay tuned for that on the KEEZ X .

As always, we have Lightning Talks on Tuesday, 2/6/2024 at 11 AM EST in the KEEZ Common Ground/


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Quote of the Week:

"oh the times they are a changing" - Bob Dylan

Call to Action:

This weeks call to action is to go make sure your UPs have recovery set up properly. Go to and make sure.

- Sage