LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 6/9/2024-6/15/2024

Everything that you need to know from the last week in LUKSO (6/9/2024 – 6/15/2024)


You’re reading the KEEZ Lukso newsletter for the week of 6/9/2024 – 6/15/2024.

Here’s what happened in LUKSO this week

Top Lukso Stories

The LUKSO foundation has allocated $1M USD for the first wave of the LUKSO Grants Program and TODAY THE APPLICATION WINDOW CLOSES!! I simply cannot wait to see what comes out of this round.

Lukso Grants Program

The Marketplace for the New Creative Economy is coming to Base!

Universal Page is expanding to Base! The once LUKSO specific marketplace is bringing its platform to the fastest-growing L2 on Ethereum for On-Chain Summer. In this article they detailed their reasoning for the decision how it could impact the platform and LUKSO moving forward. With this move we will likely see some LUKSO projects begin expanding to the new L2 as well.

Lukso Marketplace

In wake of this news, here are some based comments Jake Prins, Universal Page Co-Founder, made in response to questioning:

In other news: the Universal Profile team is designing new features for their Smart Wallet.

The Universal Profile (UP) team has been busy iterating on some new design features. They have added a new carousel layout, designed to spotlight assets you hold. Now, everyone visiting your UP can easily see what creations/assets you have. If there is one thing the new Base Smart Wallet did well, its UI. LUKSO being able to compete with them here will be massive as we look for adoption.

Base isn’t the only chain breaking adoption barriers through Account Abstraction.

The smart wallets from Base have received high praise for two areas, abstracting away seed phrases and gas fees. We know Universal Profiles accomplish both of these as well, and they are only getting more robust. Now you can use your Facebook login to create a new Universal Profile! With Facebook being the worlds most widely used social platform, this will ease the user experience for millions of potential users.

Fabian Talking Blockchain Standards on a Crypto podcast.

Fabian joined @CryptoHipster for an insightful discussion into why designing excellent technological standards is crucial for mass adoption of blockchain technology check that out here.

The KEEZ LUKSO Community Spaces Delivers Again

This weeks KEEZ space was a solid one. Jean Cavallera, Smart Contract Team Lead at LUKSO, came and spoke during the last 45 minutes of the spaces. He answered a bunch of questions from the community and also presented updates from himself including the fact that he is currently re-doing the LUKSO docs!

Express your Euro Cup team On-Chain!

This new project, Euro Cup Legends, just popped up for the Euros and its quite cool. Custom made jerseys for all the Euro teams with prize pools you can enter in if you’re interested in placing a LYX wager on a team participating. The pool is closed now because games have started but regardless, still cool to see projects like this on LUKSO. Here are the pools below if you’re curious.

Artisan Ally UPdates

Recommended Readings:

This article was already mentioned above but it’s worth a read. Jake articulates how Universal Pages move onto Base is both great for them as well as LUKSO in general.

Quote of the Week:

“If your opponents are opportunists, one way to beat them is to outlast them. Opportunists almost by definition lack staying power” – Paul Graham

Call to Action:

Send me a recommendation for our upcoming Lightning Talks. Someone that you’d be interesting in hearing a 5 minute presentation from.

One again, none of this is financial advice and as always, dyor.


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