LUKSO Newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 6/24-6/30

gm, you’re reading the one and only LUKSO newsletter from the team at KEEZ!


You’re reading the one and only LUKSO newsletter from the team at KEEZ!

Here’s what happened in LUKSO during the week of 6/24/2024 – 6/30/2024.

LUKSO Joins Crypto Influencer Spaces to Discuss the Future of Decentralized Social Media & how LUKSO will be the Foundation.

On Friday, Mario Nawful‘s Roundtable was recently pink pilled by Fabian Vogellsteller, Ethalorian and Florian Glatz. Them and a couple other panelists spent an hour discussing the future of decentralized social media & how LUKSO will be the foundation for it thanks to its new standards and Universal Profiles (UP). They discussed topics like Digital Identity, Smart Accounts, and why LUKSO is uniquely positioned to make all this happen.

The conversation was consumed by over 3k accounts live and now over 55k accounts in total. A good bit of the listeners are likely bots, but regardless this is a great step forward for some much needed LUKSO marketing. After the Spaces KEEZ hosted a community centered spaces where Fabian and other LUKSO team members stuck around to have further discussions on things like the upcoming marketing push, Universal Profile improvements and updates, LUKSO selling points, etc. There will be many more of these spaces coming in the near future but for now, you can listen to the Mario Nawfal Roundtable Spaces here and the KEEZ Community spaces here.

LUKSO Founders are Coming Together to Create Synergies

There is no denying the constant strife between founders, projects, community members, etc, in the LUKSO community. This has driven some LUKSO founders to create a group to help smooth tension and improve coordination. That group is the LUKSO Builders Association and it just went public last week.

– If you’re a founder in LUKSO, make sure to join the Common Ground, the more input the better.
– If you’re a LUKSO community member looking to express some grievances and propose changes/improvements around LUKSO, make sure to join the Common Ground.
– If you’re looking to get in at the ground level of a project with similar aspirations to something like Solana’s Super Team, get in the Common Ground and start asking how to get involved.

As stated in the thread by the LBA, this group is very primitive. The missions, goals, and objectives are currently being decided and we would appreciate all the input we can get.

The OnlyFans of Crypto Tokens is Looking for Artists

Token(dot)come has recently listed $LYX onto its platform, which as stated in the recent Roundtable Spaces is like OnlyFans for tokens. They are now looking for the top 5 LUKSO content creators to post on their app and tell the world how amazing LUKSO is! If you are interested go comment on this tweet and tell them your content ideas about how you would tell the story of LUKSO.

Another Exchange Listing for $LYX

$LYX is now listed on BTSE. To celebrate the listing, they are giving away 2000 $LYX between July 2-10. All you have to do is trade more than $50 worth of $LYX on BTSE from July 2-10. The more you trade, the higher your chances of winning an airdrop. This is not financial advice, regardless of the airdrop, the new listing is always good.

LUKSO’s First Completely On-Chain PFP

The “GM Bean” is the first on-chain object on LUKSO. This bean will allow you to claim 1 “Based Barista” at no additional cost. This Based Barista is coined by the CupCo team as The Genesis On-Chain PFP of LUKSO. Exciting to see such a pure and fundamentals focused team.

Wave 1 of the LUKSO Grant Program Received 500+ Applicants.

One Million USD (given out in LYX) is up for dispersement during Wave 1 of the LUKSO Grants Program. Applications were received from over 500+ builders across 110+ projects! A great indicator that people are looking to build on this chain.

If you’re an applicant, make sure to keep an eye on your email over the next weeks for updates. If you’re just a LUKSO community member, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a whole heap of new and improved projects on LUKSO.

Recommended Readings:

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BTSE does a great job here going over some of the basic LYX selling points.

Selby is bullish.

In this article, Selby reinvigorates the bull case for LUKSO.

Quote of the Week:

“It’s better to be looking at it than looking for it”

Call to Action:

Join the LBA Common Ground and express some feelings. The group wants action items.

As always, none of this is financial advice and make sure you do your own research.


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