LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 1/14/2024-1/21/2024.



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You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 1/14/2024 - 1/20/2024.

Here's what happened in LUKSO this week.

As always, if you're looking for a video synopsis of this last week in LUKSO, The Wrap UP! is your place to go: ( )

The man, the myth, the legend Professor LYX is coming this week with his very own LUKSO Ecosystem Page. The premise of this page is to offer a clear overview of the entire LUKSO ecosystem. That being said, I am unsure of the vetting process and know that some of these projects may not be on mainnet, were hackathon projects, or have some other sort of asterisk next to them. So as always, dyor.

LEEQUID announced that they are starting to onboard the first round of node operators. This will allow LEEQUID to accept new stakes permanently, as incoming LYX will be allocated equally between operators, ensuring a healthy distribution of network share and decentralization. Their goal is to have this round live by the end of January. They also mention that they are open to working alongside community projects with demonstrated capability, so if that sounds like you, reach out to this fantastic team and help secure the LUKSO network.

Speaking of securing the network, the Tech Lead at LUKSO Hugo wants to remind all genesis validators to update their nodes regularly. Client diversity is great!

Another friendly reminder from a LUKSO team member, this time being Yamen with the smart contract team. Always be wary of clicking links and engaging with new projects, especially when not endorsed by trusted community voices like the core LUKSO team.

On the theme of LUKSO team members, we have a new one! Fawn is joining the LUKSO Team as Head of Community. Awesome to see. I've known Fawn for over two years, she's a super genuine and hard-working individual. Considering her work in the RTFKT ecosystem around community engagement, I can't wait to see what she can bring to LUKSO.

Some more updates from the LUKSO team:

The LYXe to LYX migration bridge was paused for a couple of days last week due to a wave of pending transactions with longer than usual processing times. That has now been solved and all systems are a go.

LUKSO also announced that they partnered with Tangany to offer a secure account recovery feature for Universal Profiles! This provides a backup plan if users lose access to their profiles. Another step forward in improving the recovery around UPs

Attending South By Southwest this year in Austin, Texas? Make sure to RSVP for the Boys Club x LUKSO event /brandnew. These are always a great time.

Another fantastic addition to the week was the release of this new support page from the LUKSO team. One of the realities of being early into game-changing tech is that there are likely going to be some bumps in the road. The team has put together this support page to help assist people some common problems that have been arising and to stay up to date on any changes that come up as they work to solve said problems.

Speaking of that, KEEZ is going to work to continuously work to display some common problems into more presentable tweets and short videos. Here we have a short thread on how to check if you have set up your relay controller on your UP.

If you enjoyed Build UP#1 or Build UP#2 mark your calendar for this February as they are teasing what appears to be some sort of hackathon.

In other news,

This week KEEZ held their first lightning talk event. The goal of this is to get LUKSO community members to share information with their summoning ecosystem. This week, we had 7 guests: Sage talked about Public Goods in blockchain, Jak talked about CupCo, and Tanto shared information on decentralised naming systems, Heisenburgr explained token approvals, Carlos discussed LEEQUID updates, Dwope giving more info on his recent happenings, and Lastly Ledfut shedding light on his Upturn project. In the tweet above you can RSVP to the next one to ensure you don’t miss any ALPA.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Samuel is offering time out of his busy schedule for others to chat with him. Take advantage of this. A fantastic developer with significant experience building on LUKSO.

Beef banks out here grinding to spread the lore of LUKSO. Check out one of everything currencies most recent pod with KEEZ Core Contributor Beef. The two of them discuss the ins and outs of LUKSO, and Beef helps provide an internal opinion.

A little about KEEZ. We plan to adapt and develop as the LUKSO blockchain matures. The more DAO and community tooling that comes online, the more robust KEEZ will become. If you’d like to come along on this journey, put on the key.

LUKSO ($LYX) is now listed on Deposits and withdrawals enabled are also enabled

Today the LUKSO twitter dropped this 20 minute video where LUKSO Co-Founder Marjorie Hernandez spoke about the sparks of progress in technology in regards to the future of blockchain, AI, the importance of standards, digital identity and more.

Some speculation for you ;)

Weekly Readings:

Unfortunately, not much quality writing in the LUKSO ecosystem this week. Take this a sign to get writing!!

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Lightning talks: As always, tune into the Wrap UP this Friday at 1 PM EST for a summary of this upcoming week.

Quote of the Week:

“sexy, clean and safe” - Baron when referring to LUKSO and its UPs

Call to Action:

Give a lightning talk. Come on Wednesday at 11 AM EST to the KEEZ CG and share some of your wealth of knowledge with the people around you. Everyone is welcome. - Sage