LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 1/7/2024-1/14/2024.



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You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 1/7/2024 - 1/14/2024.

Here's what happened in LUKSO this week.

As always, the Wrap UP on Friday is a great way to stay up-to-date on everything LUKSO. It goes live every Friday on the Pink Pill Productions YouTube and covers essentially the same info you'll read here. If you're not there, what are you doing?

Speaking of the Pink Pill Production YouTube, we just hit 500 subs yesterday. Thank you all! On that same topic again, we are on a mission to keep delivering new content to our YouTube. That means new shows, new concepts, new sets, and new times. Stay tuned.

In other news, there were plenty of issues, updates, and praise around Universal profiles this week.

If you have issues with your UP Extension or Relayer Service, please do not delete or reinstall the extension. Doing so could risk the recovery of your profile at this time, as we recently discovered a controller malfunction.

Stephen Horvat released this Universal Profile browser extension recovery walkthrough on the official LUKSO YouTube. A quick 3 minutes that are very helpful. if you want to know how to set your $LYX Universal Profile Controller to Pay Gas Alts put out a quick video on the Pink Pill production YouTube showcasing exactly that. This is needed to transact on the LUKSO network with an UP when you can't access the LUKSO relayer.

For more information about UPs, make sure to follow the ERC725 twitter account and watch the developer announcements section in the LUKSO discord. For questions, head to the support and bugs section in the LUKSO discord and hit up any of the KEEZ channels and we will help as best as we can.

Platties released their 2024 organization chart showcasing their high-powered team. It's always great to see team members' experience behind a project. On that same note, their two founders, Harry and Emily, also released a YouTube video introducing them. Get to know them here

It never hurts to remind users about the constant slue of scams we face in this industry. As always, follow verified accounts and only engage with channels, links, and individuals you can verify. Approach everything with caution.

This week was the launch of Universal Page. An NFT marketplace optimized for creators. A very successful week it was but not without some hiccups and challenges. The LUKSO relayer didn't entirely want to cooperate. They faced security attacks all week that they needed to deal with, and the obvious community complained when they missed out on drops. As always, they will adapt, overcome, and emerge stronger. Go check out their site and immerse yourself in some of the drops from the week. including …

Chill Whales!! They have successfully minted out after about a week and have taken over my feed ever since the reveal. Seeing a new, strong community emerging in the LUKSO ecosystem is awesome. If you are an owner, make sure to check the rarity of your whale on their rare checker.

Queen Marjorie was featured in yet another magazine, this time alongside a couple of assets from her project, the dematerialized. Absolute trendsetter. Lastly, the tech lead at Ethereum is getting in on the LUKSO fun. Karalabe.eth stated a while back now that he wanted to release a generative art project that filled entire blocks but it would be too costly on the expensive ethereum layer 1. These early days of LUKSO, however, are a perfect time to release such a unique project. On you can refine generative art using significant gas. This project will remain open indefinitely; however, as users continue increasing on the LUKSO blockchain, it’ll eventually become prohibitively expensive to refine and mint. The only people who will love this project more than generative art fans are those who are hosting validators on the LUKSO blockchain.

Weekly Readings:

From Bianca we have this medium post explaining the top 6 differences between LSP 7 and ERC:20

Universal page was featured in several articles this week.

The LUKSO blockchain received a good bit of press this week as well

Network Updates:

Universal Profile Count: 8659


Nodes: 408

Staking APR: 8.2%

Total burned: 202.53 $LYX

Participation Rate : 98.13%

Network Distribution: 2.40%

Validators Active: 112,560


Average block time: 12.29 s

Total blocks: 1.65M

Total addresses: 25,422

Average Daily Tx: 5690

Transaction Fees: 1.3 Gwei

The week UPcoming:

LIGHTNING TALKS!! This coming wednesday at 11 AM EST KEEZ is hosting a lightning talk event in their Common Ground. This is a collection of 5-minute presentations from anyone who would like to talk about anything they think the audience can benefit from hearing. So far there will be talks from Louie, Ledfut, Tanto, Dwope, Jak, Ghost, and Carlos.

Make sure to keep an eye on the drops section of so you dont miss out on any upcoming NFT drops

As always, tune into the Wrap UP this Friday at 1 PM EST for a summary of this upcoming week.

Quote of the Week:

“The new Creative Economies are self-organizing into becoming all that they have the potential to be” - Jak

Call to Action:

Come attend lightning talks. Some great speakers are set to present, and we welcome anyone else to come on stage and share some wisdom. They will take place here