LUKSO Newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 1/1/2024 - 1/7/2024



1/7/20243 min read


You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 1/1/2024 - 1/7/2024.

Here's what happened in LUKSO this week.

First and foremost, if you're looking for a more entertaining version of this newsletter, the Wrap UP! by Eth and Alts is our weekly update of the LUKSO ecosystem that goes live on YouTube every Friday at 1 PM EST.

D.I.Y Investing dropped a hot video about the most undervalued crypto on the market and the hottest altcoin of 2024… spoiler alert: it’s $LYX. This video was dropped to his roughly 85k subscriber base and already has nearly 4k views in one day. Go add to the totals.

The current one and only liquid staking protocol on LUKSO LEEQUID released its updated roadmap this week. It includes milestones like node operator onboarding, a DAO transaction, and Auto-compounding.

$LYX is now available to secure & manage on Ledger Live!

Universal Page is scheduled to launch on January 8th! This is a momentous day for the entire NFT ecosystem and will surely bring much excitement to the LUKSO blockchain. Down below, in the upcoming mints section of this newsletter, I list all the drops that will be coming out with the opening of this dApp.

If you're looking to run a dAppnode on the LUKSO blockchain, D-Minimis has put together a mega thread with info on how to do so properly. We love more at-home solo stakers.

One of my personal favorite LUKSO devs has teamed up once again with Jak and Gem to work on CupCO! if you enjoy coffee and groundbreaking blockchain tech, make sure to keep up with this one.

Last but not least, LUKSO has a bridge now! From the team at Sigmatic and M8b comes Sigma Swap, a Centralized bridge to provide liquidity to and from the Ethereum and LUKSO blockchains. Check out their documentation and be cautious as always.

Weekly Readings:

On to the readings of the week.

The Universal Punx project is growing on me. This week, they silently released this piece on Common Ground, going over the ethos of their project. They mention open global participation, decentralization, censorship resistance, auditability, credible neutrality, and a cooperative mindset. Great to see.

This piece from Samuel, CTO of Dropps and LEEQUID, presents his thoughts on Risk as an investment, building around people, and the importance of letting criticism in but making sure to filter it properly.

Next, we have a piece from Jake Prins about why digital ownership matters. This is a topic we blockchain advocates harp on constantly, and Jake does a great job outlining why it matters.

Similar to the last one, Jake writes again about making digital ownership accessible to everyone. Not only does digital ownership matter, but it matters even more that we make it mutually;ly accessible to everyone across the globe. Well said Jake.

Network Updates:

Shout out CapsulLYX for compiling these network stats for the week in LUKSO.


Nodes: 399

Staking APR: 8.2%

Total burned: 133.35 $LYX

Participation Rate : 98.86%

Network Liveness : 100%

Network Distribution: 2.46%

Validator Queue Pending: 91 (2 hours)

Validator Queue Exiting : 0

Validators Active: 112 760

Validators Slashed: 456

Validators Exited: 5,218


Average block time: 12.29 s

Total blocks: 1.6M

Total addresses: 14.975K

Total accounts: 2*.94K***

Average Daily Tx: 1.37K

Total tokens: 16

Total verified contracts: 65

Transaction Fees: 1.3 Gwei

Upcoming Mints:

This week, we are highlighting some upcoming mints in anticipation of a Universal Page launch.

Yes, tomorrow will be epic. The thread above covers all the epic-ness that is the launch of Upage. I have highlighted them as well below.

As always, tune into the Wrap UP this Friday at 1 PM for a summary of this upcoming week.

Quote of the Week:

“You don’t have to swing hard to hit a homerun, if the timing is right, it'll go” - Yogi Berra

Call to Action:

MINT! EXPLORE! CHAT! ENGAGE! After years of waiting, LUKSO is finally showing some actual actionability. Use the chain, chat on common ground, claim some gasless free mints, and be a part of the action.