LUKSO newsletter from KEEZ for the week of 6/15/2024-6/23/2024

Everything that you need to know from the last week in LUKSO (6/15/2024 – 6/23/2024)


You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter on what happened in the LUKSO ecosystem for the week of 6/15/2024 – 6/23/2024.

Here’s what happened this week in LUKSO:

Top Stories: Fabian Leading the Marketing Push

Fabian Vogelsteller, aka The Wizard, put out this 3 minute video as a quick intro to the LUKSO ecosystem. I have a hunch this is only the beginning of a large marketing push from the team and seeing the LUKSO founder leading the way is very reassuring. If you’re new to LUKSO this is a great place to start.

LUKSO ecosystem marketing

Another Listing for LYX

Token(dot)com, which seems to be some sort of social app for accumulating and following your favorite coins, has now listed LYX. Slowly but surely increasing the potential exposure rate for LUKSO’s native token.

Want to hear LUKSO founders share some thoughts?

KEEZ announced it’s upcoming Lightning Talks on July 9th at 11 AM EST. This event is a collection of live, 5 minute presentations from LUKSO community members that takes place in our common ground and is streamed onto our X. For this installment we will be hearing from Kaylan discussing her project magnetiq, Natalie the LUKSO VP of marketing sharing some updates, Johannes from LUKSO presenting some of his interests, Jams talking about his upcoming Guinness World Record attempt, and lastly Jak giving away a pink bean and some CupCo alpha. We are still looking for 3 more guests if there any any community members looking to speak. Mark your calendars here so you don’t forget.

Bringing UP’s to Telegram

Amir, known LUKSO builder, just released a new project connecting LUKSO blockchain & Universal Profiles to Telegram! With this, users can simply send their wallet address to this bot and their data is retrieved directly from the LUKSO network. Another step forward for user friendly web3 interactions.

Artisan Ally UPdates:–cLW5gCcvevYU7Z5VU8AJGE

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Quote of the Week:

A lot will go wrong before everything goes right.

Call to Action:

Share Fabians video. Share it everywhere you can to everyone you know.

As always, this is not financial advice and do your own research.


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