KEEZ Weekly Newsletter: LUKSO Ecosystem Launch, Hackathon Highlights, & More!

Welcome to KEEZ's Weekly Newsletter! This week, we explore the vibrant LUKSO ecosystem with the launch on Common Ground, featuring a unique digital startup pitch 'pub crawl.' Dive into the LUKSO hackathon awards ceremony, discover the genesis NFT from Universal Page, and catch up with Ledger Live's LUKSO integration. Plus, updates from Maison LYX and DAppNode, insights from our community members, and more! Stay informed about the latest happenings in the LUKSO universe and KEEZ community with this comprehensive roundup.



12/18/20236 min read


Welcome to the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 12/10/2023 - 12/17/2023. What happened in LUKSO this week?

This was a long and entertaining week. Although there is not a whole lot of content that is easily visualized after the events, it was a fantastic week for LUKSO. This feeling can be attributed to the events put on by Common Ground.

Common Ground LUKSO Ecosystem Launch

This week the LUKSO ecosystem launched on Common Ground (CG). This means there is now a specific grouping of LUKSO-focused Common Grounds to explore. To properly show off this new milestone, the team at CG along with the KEEZ community came up with what appears to be the first-ever digital startup pitch “pub crawl” on a Web3 Platform. I certainly can't think of another event like it. About 80 people at the peak gathered in the KEEZ CG on Tuesday Florian from CG kicked off the day with a fantastic presentation about Common Ground. Sage and Ethalorian followed him up with a short presentation on KEEZ as soon as that was done, Florian sent the link to the next Common Ground, and off the group went. In total, we visited 8 different projects ( in turn heard 8 pitches from 8 founders in the LUKSO ecosystem. The “pub crawl” lasted about 5 hours and was an extremely insightful and invigorating day. Stay tuned to the KEEZ Youtube (Pink Pill Productions) as we will be uploading our recording of it sometime this coming week.

Similarly, the next day was day two of the ecosystem launch also taking place in KEEZ CG. Side note: The KEEZ Common Ground hosting electric group events is something you should get used to by the way. Either way, this day was more of just a general gathering of LUKSO community members chatting with the common ground team about new features and how their app will assist in proper community building. Exciting stuff.

Both of those first days were only a lead-up to the main event: The BuildUP 2 hackathon reward ceremony!

As Fico so beautifully put it, we had 125 Universal Profiles casually hanging out together in a Web3 native chat app checking out the next generation of apps coming to the LUKSO blockchain.

Thanks to the new broadcast feature added this past week by the CG team, we had 4 LUKSO team members on a panel presenting the award winners.

If you’re curious to watch or want to check out any of the winners, there is a full-day recording below as well as some summarizing medium articles and threads.

One of the biggest news from Day 1 of the LUKSO ecosystem launch was Jake from Universal Page announcing that their Genesis NFT is live! This means that 100 early participants get the ability to mint their own name for free on the mainnet. The process was smooth, which is exactly what is to be expected from this team. This is just the first iteration of activities of Mainnet from the UPage team and I am personally very excited for what's to come.

LUKSO Mainnet on Ledger!

Ledger Live has now integrated LUKSO directly! Fantastic news for LYX holders and another step towards significant adoption.

MaisonLYX Responds

Maison LYX heard the cries and sent a well-needed response. The Whitepapers are delayed into the new year which is a bummer but the acknowledgment is here. Delays are to be expected for the most part with a physical product, as long as the communication keeps up people won't be nearly as upset.

To make up for the delay, they also announced that each recipient of the Whitepaper book will receive a special gift from us as a token of appreciation for their continued support and patience. Free gifts are always nice. As far as I’m concerned they can delay again if they want as long as I keep getting gifts.

LUKSO DAppNodes are Here!

The special edition DAppNodes are almost sold out. Not only are these machines LUKSO branded they also come with 128 LYX which is enough for 4 validators. Act now and help secure the network in style. Or don’t if you don’t know how to run a node … like me :/ In that case, the network is safer without you.

Speaking of validators, Felix has a word for all of you. If you’re running a node on LUKSO their CLI was updated 2 times this month, bringing you the latest supported client versions and several fixes. He strongly recommends updating clients at least once every quarter so the majority of nodes run on the latest security updates. Do your part!

A new first for blockchain, the first of many firsts from LUKSO

The LSP3 standard just got integrated into the LUKSO block explorer. Now you can see all interactions from Universal Profiles with others right and also search by username. Gone are the days of staring at a bunch of random numbers when looking at transactions. Well not yet but soon enough.

Lastly, crypto artist Datzel says he will be back as an artist in 2024 and will be specifically minting on LUKSO using Universal Page and his Universal Profile. Be like Datzel. The world would be a better place if we were all a little more like Datzel.

Recommended readings for the week include:

Prestos The Latest Scoop, on his chill whales project posted on Common Ground. Go check it out for an update on this NFT project, likely the first one minted on universal page #alpha.

From the Ethalorian we have Understanding Universal Profiles: A Simple Guide to the Future of Online Interactions a comprehensive piece about what universal profiles can bring to your online presence. Again, posted on Common Ground. I hope you’re noticing a theme.’s-metaverse-activations%3A-unleashing-boundless-potential-dtX3C69YgouFmFd6soomXj/

Last but not least we have Exploring CanvasLand’s Metaverse Activations: Unleashing Boundless Potential by Zen over at Canvasland. This piece covers Canvasland’s Metaverse activations and how they focus on LUKSO currently and moving forward.

Upcoming events:

Not a whole lot happening this week folks.

On Tuesday we have KEEZ’s weekly Twitter space hosted by Alts Anonymous. This is an open community space where we encourage anyone to come up and speak about whatever is on their mind.

Thursday we have the release of the newest LUKSOfam pod, stay tuned for that on the KEEZ YouTube.

Unfortunately, no WrapUP this week as the team is preparing for Christmas, but this newsletter will still give you your fill of news for the week.

Quote of the Week:

This week's quote comes from Lina (@linaventures1 on X) - “When we learn to embrace the winters of this world, we gain a deeper understanding, not just of ourselves, but life. Natural life cycles” Beautiful.

Call to Action: This week into next, make sure to spend time with the family. Don't take your days for granted, the holidays only roll around once a year so make sure to embrace those you love… also make sure to show them how to create an UP … Happy Holidays!