KEEZ Weekly Digest - Insights from Devconnect Istanbul & LUKSO Hackathon Innovations!

Explore the latest KEEZ Ecosystem updates with Sage's insights from Devconnect Istanbul 2023 and the LUKSO Smart Contract Team. Discover innovative blockchain projects in the LUKSO BuildUP #2 Hackathon and their impact on the New Creative Economy. Join the KEEZ community for groundbreaking developments.



12/4/20231 min read

Dear KEEZ Community,

Another eventful week in the LUKSO ecosystem has passed, filled with insightful interactions and innovative breakthroughs. We're here to bring you the latest happenings, discussions, and achievements that continue to shape the KEEZ community and the broader blockchain world.

Wrap UP! | LUKSO BuildUP #2 Hackathon Highlights

This week's Wrap UP! episode is all about the LUKSO BuildUP #2 Hackathon. Explore with us:

  • Innovative Projects from the Hackathon: A close look at the groundbreaking blockchain applications and creative solutions developed.

  • Celebrating Community Creativity: Discussing the talent and ingenuity within the LUKSO ecosystem and the potential impact of these projects.

  • Future of Blockchain Technology: How these innovations align with LUKSO's vision for a New Creative Economy.

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LUKSOfam | Ep. 28 | Devconnect Istanbul 2023

Dive into LUKSOfam Episode 28, where Sage shares their enriching experiences from Devconnect Istanbul 2023. Highlights of the episode include:

  • Experiencing Devconnect Istanbul: Discover insights and takeaways from Sage's participation in this significant blockchain event.

  • Interactions with the LUKSO Smart Contract Team: Learn about the innovative strides and future projects discussed with the LUKSO team.

  • Community Spirit at LUKSO MeetUP #2: Relive the collaborative energy and engaging discussions from the recent meetup.

🔗 Watch LUKSOfam Ep. 28

As we step into another week full of possibilities and innovation, we want to remind you that your participation, insights, and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind our thriving community. Together, let's continue to explore, innovate, and grow in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and the New Creative Economy.

Stay Pink,

The KEEZ Team