KEEZ Weekly Digest - Creative Waves in LUKSO: Build UP #2 Hackathon & Web3 Revolution!

Dive into this week's KEEZ Weekly Digest to explore the fervor of LUKSO's Build UP #2 Hackathon and the revolutionary LUKSO x Thirdweb integration. Engage with the latest Wrap UP! episode, join vibrant discussions in our Discord, and delve deeper into the LUKSO ecosystem with PinkPill Productions on YouTube. Your involvement fuels the community's growth—let’s continue exploring the waves of creativity and innovation together. Stay Pink, the KEEZ team awaits your engagement!



10/23/20232 min read

KEEZ Newsletter
KEEZ Newsletter

Subject: KEEZ Weekly Digest - Creative Waves in LUKSO: Build UP #2 Hackathon & Web3 Revolution!

Dear KEEZ Community,

The buzz of creativity and groundbreaking ventures within the LUKSO ecosystem this past week is nothing short of invigorating. Through this digest, we aim to keep the pulse of innovation thriving and ensure you're abreast of the latest developments that are shaping our digital frontier.

Wrap UP! | LUKSO BuildUP #2 Hackathon | Web3 Login | LUKSO Blockchain Highlights

Join us in the latest episode of Wrap UP! as we take a deep dive into the heart of the Build UP #2 Hackathon and the effervescent ideas it has birthed:

  • Explore the innovative sparks emanating from the hackathon, showcasing the rich tapestry of ideas that are propelling our ecosystem forward.

  • Delve into the LUKSO x Thirdweb integration, a pivotal development that simplifies decentralized authentication, bringing us closer to a user-centric blockchain experience.

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As the ripples of creativity continue to resonate across the LUKSO landscape, there's a myriad of ways for you to dive deeper and become an active participant in this unfolding narrative. Your voice, your ideas, and your engagement are the threads that weave the rich tapestry of our community.

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Let’s continue to explore, learn, and grow together as we ride the waves of creativity and innovation in the LUKSO ecosystem. Your involvement is not just welcomed, it's invaluable!

Stay Pink,
The KEEZ Team.