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10/1/20231 min read


Dear KEEZ Community,

The currents of innovation never stop flowing in the LUKSO ecosystem, and the past week was no exception. The digital realms of gaming and blockchain continue to intertwine, birthing experiences and opportunities like never before. Let's dive into the heart of these developments with our latest Wrap UP! episode.

Wrap UP! | Meta x Ray-Ban Smart Glasses | Weekly LUKSO Highlights | Xbox & On-Chain Reputation

Our narrative continues to evolve with every passing week, and this week's Wrap UP! is loaded with insightful reflections on the gaming industry's rendezvous with blockchain technology:

  • Xbox Blockchain Venture: Explore how Xbox is venturing into blockchain technology, setting a precedent for the gaming industry.

  • LUKSO Build UP #1 Hackathon Recap: Revisit the revolutionary LUKSO Build UP #1 Hackathon from last summer that underscored LUKSO’s ethos of community-driven innovation.

  • On-Chain Reputation: Delve into the discussions surrounding on-chain reputation, examining its implications in the digital identity narrative.

  • Meta x Ray-Ban Smart Glasses: Uncover the boundaries being pushed with the Meta x Ray-Ban collaboration on smart glasses, and the new avenues it opens in the augmented reality space.

Gaming and blockchain are unarguably two potent forces. When converged, the potential to redefine digital interaction and economies is boundless. This episode of Wrap UP! peels back the layers of this fascinating confluence.

🔗 Tune into Wrap UP!.

Upcoming: LUKSOfam | Episode Airing on Thursday, October 5th, 2023, 8am EST

While we did not have a LUKSOfam episode this past week, brace yourselves for an invigorating episode coming up this Thursday. As we continue to explore, learn, and grow together, each episode brings fresh perspectives to the table. Stay tuned!

The narrative within the LUKSO ecosystem is largely dictated by your enthusiasm, inquiries, and exploratory spirit. Together, we're not just observers but active participants in a narrative reshaping the digital frontier.

As the week unfolds, let's continue engaging, questioning, and innovating. Your contributions are the threads weaving the ever-evolving LUKSO narrative.

Stay Pink,
The KEEZ Team.