KEEZ Newsletter 08.27.2023

Dive into KEEZ's latest Weekly Digest! Unravel the intricacies of smart contracts with LUKSO's B00ste, explore the nuances of Friends.Tech in our Wrap UP!, and amplify your voice in the KEEZ ecosystem. Stay informed and engaged with LUKSO's groundbreaking updates. Join our community's pulse on the future of Fashion, Art, Music, and Entertainment.



8/27/20232 min read

KEEZ Train
KEEZ Train

Subject: KEEZ Weekly Digest - Smart Contracts Deep Dive and Friend.Tech Revelations!

Dear KEEZ Community,

Another exciting week has gone by, and we're eager to share with you the strides we've taken in the world of LUKSO. Let’s dive right in!

LUKSOfam Episode with B00ste: Smart Contracts Uncovered

This week, LUKSOfam offers an insightful session with LUKSO’s renowned Smart Contract Developer, B00ste. We delve deep into:

  • B00ste’s journey into the world of smart contracts, highlighting how he became an integral part of LUKSO and the thriving KEEZ community.

  • The genesis of LSP0 - The Universal Profile. Here, B00ste unpacks the inspiration behind its creation, clarifying complex aspects like the limitations of EOAs in easily digestible terms and shining a light on the transformative potential of the ERC725 standard.

  • A deep dive into Notifications & Transactions, elucidating the pivotal role of LSP1-UniversalReceiver and its transformative impact on transaction notifications for both developers and users alike.

  • Exploring Ownership & Extensibility, B00ste walks us through the advanced security layers introduced by LSP14-Ownable2Step and discusses the foresight and adaptability offered by LSP17-ContractExtension.

  • Closing the episode, B00ste shares his personal reflections and memorable moments at LUKSO, extending an open invitation to the community to co-create many more such moments.

🔗 Embark on the LUKSOfam Journey with B00ste.

Wrap UP! Spotlight on Friend.Tech

In our latest Wrap UP! episode, the spotlight is fixed firmly on Friend.Tech, deciphering its nuances and potential implications for the LUKSO ecosystem. As we explore this topic, we also:

  • Navigate through the dynamics of LYX's progress in our segment "UP and to the Right."

  • Equip our community with fresh "Network Updates."

  • And, as always, we celebrate the week's 'The Pinkest Tweet', spotlighting the voice of our community.

From the corridors of Fashion to the arenas of Art, Music, and Entertainment, we’re here to ensure you’re always at the pulse of LUKSO's latest.

🔗 Tune into the Friend.Tech Focused Wrap UP!.

Your Voice Amplifies the KEEZ Ecosystem!

The synergy and dynamism of our community are what drive the KEEZ ecosystem. We invite you to share your insights, collaborate on projects, and partake in vibrant discussions that shape the future of LUKSO.

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As we march forward, your engagement and insights shape our journey. Here's to another week of exploration and innovation!

Stay Pink,
The KEEZ Team

Sage's Insightful Reflection: The Evolutionary Path of DAO

Sage's latest article offers a thoughtful look into decentralized groups and their evolving identity. Inspired by rich dialogues from the Blockchain Socialist podcast, Sage discusses the KEEZ community's reconsideration of the "DAO" label. By echoing thoughts from thought leaders like Kevin Owocki, the article emphasizes the value of mission over labels and the impactful role of the LUKSO blockchain in amplifying collective action. This introspective piece, mirroring societal cycles, suggests a forthcoming era where blockchain-driven change leads the way.

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