KEEZ Newsletter about LUKSO for the Week of 7/1/24 – 7/7/24

You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 7/1/2024 – 7/7/2024.


You’re reading the KEEZ newsletter for the week of 7/1/2024 – 7/7/2024.

Here’s what happened in LUKSO

Talking LUKSO Innovation with Fabian and Mario Nawfal

Another week, another Fabian Vogelsteller x Mario Nawfal spaces covered in the KEEZ newsletter. This week, they spent most of the time discussing the early Ethereum days, specifically how Fabian was involved. Mario asked Fabian how he got into blockchain development, how Ethereum came to be, what it was like building the ERC-20 with Vitalik and Alex Van De Sande, and The DAO Hack. After all the reminiscing, they spent the remainder of the spaces sharing their opinions on the current state of crypto and why Fabian thinks LUKSO is the next step forward. Not too much LUKSO info was shared but its always nice hearing about the early Ethereum days. If you’re looking for more LUKSO specific conversation with Fabian, KEEZ held a follow up spaces that took place directly after the Mario Nawfal Spaces. Check it out below.

KEEZ leading the LUKSO community charge with another spaces with Fabian.

As a follow up to the spaces above, KEEZ hosted a follow up spaces to continue the conversation. Fabian, Christian from Altcoinist, and various other LUKSO community members joined Sage from KEEZ on stage where we discussed LUKSO smart accounts, the future of social coordination, and some other basic LUKSO questions. IMHO this spaces was a much better conversation than the Mario Nawfal spaces because it wasn’t just reminiscing, it had outward thinking. Totally worth a listen.

LUKSO’s complete on chain history is now available thanks to Sonarverse!

Sonarverse Is a project dedicated to bringing transparency and clarity to web 3 and they are doing it through on-chain data presentation. They added LUKSO’s full on-chain data history this week and as we know, the more places for data availability the better. Curious to see more from Sonarverse as they seem relatively new but regardless still exciting.

For this week

The LUKSO Ecosystem’s Most Dynamic Show is Back

Lightning Talks from KEEZ are live this Tuesday, July 9th at 11 am EST in our Common Ground. Lightning Talks are a collection of 5 minute long presentations by LUKSO community members for LUKSO community members. Speaking this week we have Natalie the VP of marketing at LUKSO, Kaylan the Founder of Magnetiq, Jak a Co-Founder at Cup-Co, Alex a Co-Founder at Aratta Labs, Jams who is seeking a Guinness World Record, and Johannes who helps on the content side at LUKSO. It should be a great episode so don’t miss it.

Quote of the Week:

“The finest crypto projects are whispers before they are roars” – Elangovan Kamesh

Call to Action:

Come to Lightning Talks this Tuesday, I pinky promise it’ll be a good one.

As always, none of this is financial advice. Do your own research.


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