The article introduces the KEEZ Creative: AI Image Contest, a competition designed to encourage creativity and innovation within the LUKSO ecosystem by showcasing AI-generated art. It explains the purpose of the contest, contest rules and guidelines, the timeline, voting system, and disclaimers. The article also outlines the prizes and rewards, including the unique opportunity for the winner to have their image minted as a 1/1 NFT on the LUKSO mainnet. The contest aims to engage the community and highlight the potential of AI in digital art creation.

KEEZ is excited to announce the KEEZ Creative: AI-Generated Art Contest, a unique opportunity for creators in the LUKSO ecosystem to showcase their talents in AI-generated art. The contest aims to foster creativity, engage the community, and highlight the endless possibilities of AI in the world of digital art.

Why is KEEZ hosting this contest?
KEEZ believes in the power of creativity and innovation. By organizing this contest, we aim to bring together artists, developers, and enthusiasts in the LUKSO ecosystem, encouraging them to explore the potential of AI-generated art and share their creations with a wider audience.

We also strongly believe in supporting the LUKSO ecosystem and all the projects building on LUKSO. That’s why the winner will have their image minted as a 1/1 NFT on the LUKSO mainnet through Universal Page. Universal Page has been under construction for nearly two years, and its two remarkable co-founders, Jake Prins and Vlad Lykhonis, have grown to become close allies of KEEZ.

Contest Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Participants can only submit 1 image
  2. Images must be loosely related to LUKSO and/or KEEZ in some manner
  3. Participants must like and retweet the announcement tweet and follow KEEZ
  4. Use the #KEEZAICONTEST hashtag when posting your imageIt is recommended to post your image under the Original Announcement Tweet so it is easier for others to find, but simply using the hashtag is acceptable as well

Contest Timeline:

  1. First Round: The first round of the contest will last for one week. During this time, KEEZ will be actively answering questions in the Discord server and hosting Midjourney walkthroughs to help participants create their AI-generated images.
  2. Second Round: The second round will also last one week, during which the top three images with the most likes in the first round will be selected and posted on the KEEZ Twitter. The community will then vote for the winner.
  3. Winner Announcement: At the end of the second round, the winner will be announced, along with the two runners-up.

Voting System:
The top three images with the most likes on Twitter will move on to the next round. The community will then vote for the winning image. KEEZ will monitor the voting process to ensure fairness and transparency.

Bot Disclaimer:
KEEZ is committed to maintaining a fair and unbiased contest. We will closely monitor submissions for any signs of bot activity. If we suspect that a submission has been artificially boosted by bots, we reserve the right to disqualify the entry or investigate further.

Image Generation Disclaimer:
We strongly encourage participants to use the AI Generation channel in the KEEZ discord. However, we recognize that not everyone has a Midjourney subscription, and they just recently removed their free trial. There are other free alternatives, such as StarryAI, which gives people 5 free credits a day, which equates to about 5 images. Participants are welcome to use Photoshop or any other image editing software to enhance and refine their AI-generated images. This is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and artistic skills while combining the power of AI with your personal touch. Just remember to stay within the contest rules and maintain the spirit of AI-generated art as the foundation of your submission. If you have any questions about subscriptions or are having trouble using a free version, please feel free to reach out on the KEEZ Twitter, and we will be happy to work out a way to help!

Prizes and Rewards:

  • Every participant will receive a participation POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) as a token of appreciation for their involvement.
  • The top 3 contestants will be awarded exclusive Winners POAPs to commemorate their achievement.
  • The first-place winner will have their image minted on the LUKSO mainnet as a 1/1 NFT, making it a unique and scarce digital asset.

Don’t miss this chance to unleash your creativity and contribute to the vibrant LUKSO ecosystem. We look forward to seeing your innovative AI-generated art! Good luck, and may the best image win!

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