How to Purchase LUKSO LYX Tokens Using RocketX Exchange

Discover the seamless way to buy LYX tokens on RocketX, a leading cross-chain swap platform in the blockchain and crypto world. Our step-by-step guide simplifies purchasing LUKSOs LYX for Web3 enthusiasts. Learn about connecting wallets, swapping tokens, and integrating with the Lukso network, enhancing your digital asset portfolio in the thriving LUKSO ecosystem.

LUKSOs native token, LYX, has received a significant liquidity boost, now being listed on RocketX, one of the most promising emerging exchanges in the blockchain and crypto world.

Why Choose RocketX Exchange for LYX?

  • Leading in Cross-Chain Swap Market
  • No KYC Required
  • Option to Buy with Crypto

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access RocketX Exchange: Begin by visiting RocketX Exchange.
  1. Connect Your Wallet: Click on the ‘connect wallet’ option.
  2. Select Chain and Wallet: For this guide, choose the BNB Chain and Metamask as your wallet.
  1. Input Token Amount for Quotes: Enter the amount of your chosen token to receive quotes. The platform will suggest alternate routes if your combination isn’t supported. Below is an example using USDC.
  1. Swap Process: We’ll swap USDT to LYX. Note the minimum swap amount, which in this example is 33.7032 USDT.
  1. Review Swap Details: Input your amount and check the following:
    • Recipient Address: Ensure the accuracy of your address.
    • Difference: Observe the percentage difference between the ‘From’ value and the ‘Received’ value.
    • Platform Fee: Familiarize yourself with the applicable fees.

Note on Platform Fees: Charges are applied as shown below.

  1. Initiate Cross-Chain Swap: Click on ‘Cross chain swap’ and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Add Lukso Network to Metamask: Follow this guide to add LUKSO to Metamask.
  2. Completion: Congratulations! Your newly acquired LYX tokens are now added to your LUKSO portfolio.Note: RocketX currently does not support fiat payments. This guide will be updated when that feature becomes available.Join the KEEZ CommunityAs a committed LUKSO community, we warmly invite you to engage with us. Direct message us on Twitter or join our Discord for further insights and engagement within the LUKSO ecosystem.

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